The first book to feature the precisely detailed, sumptuous architecture of Stanhope Gate, one of the finest firms working in the classical style anywhere.

Classicism at home by Alireza Sagharchi

Alireza Sagharchi, principal of Stanhope Gate Architecture, is one of the world’s leading classical architects, whose projects are dazzling in their scale and accomplishment–many of which, until now, have been unpublished and little seen. From a European Palladian villa to a country house in Scotland, Sagharchi’s work is a testament to the virtues of traditional planning and design as married to an informed and inspired vision that embraces the wisdom of the past, of classicism and vernacular traditions, while establishing harmony with the needs of contemporary living.

Classicism at Home, richly detailed with new photography, meticulous drawings, and beautifully written text, features Sagharchi’s work around the world, from a residence in Kensington Gardens, London, a chic eco-resort on the Danube, and a rural hunting lodge to an elegantly appointed courtyard house by the sea.

The practice works within diverse styles and the tradition of the local to create stylistically unique buildings that fit their context. The book features both exteriors and interiors, as well as exquisitely manicured gardens.

About The Author

Alireza Sagharchi is a leading practitioner of contemporary classical architecture and traditional urban design and coauthor of the books New Palladians and Traditional ArchitectureHRH The Prince of Wales is the author of A Vision of Britain: A Personal View of ArchitectureClive Aslet is the former editor of Country Life magazine and author of more than twenty books. Léon Krier is an architect, theorist, urban planner, and author.


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