New Palladians is a richly illustrated book showcasing the latest architectural and urban design projects from forty eight of the most outstanding classical architects in the world today.

The projects demonstrate that at the outset of the 21st century contemporary classical and vernacular traditions are flourishing and evolving as modern phenomena practised and studied by a wide spectrum, of architectural; firms, scholars, students, universities and institutions.

The new Palladians recognise environmental stewardship as their greatest architectural challenge and are dedicated to the paradigm of a modernity that infuses sustainability with tradition design and craftsmanship.

The reference to Palladio is to engage hum as a model professional integrity and building expertise that encompasses the dimensions and dialectics of cities, the countryside and nature. The efficient didactic nature of Palladio’s work and its contextual adaptability has favoured the flourishing of Palladian architecture throughout the world. His architecture has been studied and admired for 500 years and today Palladio is regarded as one of the most influential architects in the history of Western architecture.

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