The new-build classical villa is located on the outskirts of the town and at the foothills of mountains to the north.

The building sits on top of a site with magnificent views to the city and the mountains. The main building straddles two levels to take advantage of the sloping site.

Two leisure buildings either side create a promenade with views to the city, whilst the more private rear facade has views to the mountains and a Japanese Garden.

All buildings are covered in regional limestone, and the details have been carved by skilled local stonemasons. The Roof is covered in copper, which has developed its characteristic green protective patina.

The overall style of the villa is of Greek Doric order inspired on the Temple of Zeus at Nemea, which also echoes the Greek Presence in Central Asia in Classical Antiquity. However, there is also space for local quirks and adaptations to the building shape and volume.

Landscape in Collaboration with Atelier Jean Mus.